Vulcanizing equipment

The list of our equipment also includes tire shaper-vulcanizers used in tire plants for the production of automobile and tractor tires. This equipment is designed for molding and curing (vulcanizing) the diagonal and radial tires in sectoral and bipartite molds, and it should be noted that the design allows to easily reconfigurate the units from one size of tires to another.

Our company can offer shaper-vulcanizers for different tire diameters (from 88'' to 160'') which are designed for molding and curing of large-sized tires of different construction, extraction of the diaphragm and tire from the mold after vulcanization. This equpment often represents a semi-automatic one-shaped vulcanization crank- and conrod  molding machine. The process of molding and vulcanization of tires takes place ​​using the non-retractable diaphragm in the molds, heated with a steam.

Also, the company produces the superlarge-sized (OTR, off-the-road) tire vulcanizers – 160"and 200" – for curing one or simultaneously two- or three OTR tires of radial and diagonal design on removable diaphragms and cooking process diaphragms. Such equipment is the vulcanizing presses of autoclave type with hydraulic steam-heated molds and automatic control of the process of vulcanization.



Vulcanizing equipment Brochure