Tunnel-boring machines

The mechanized tunnelling shields (complexes) produced by Global Resource are designed for the mechanized construction of tunnels both in unstable water-saturated soils and in sustainable soils with natural moisture. Using such tunneling shields accelerates the construction of tunnels, increases the workers’ safety and reduces the number of required workers. It shuold be noted that the traditional method of tunneling in difficult geological conditions requires the expensive soil freezing, drilling from the surface and high cost of manual labor, but the proposed equipment eliminates these disadvantages and provides increased penetration rate up to 3-4 times and reduced labor costs which, in turn, contributes to a significant reduction in the cost of construction of tunnels (for example, subway and other purposes) and,  in case of construction in the city, eliminating the need to destroy the urban fabric over the highway tunnel.

When drilling the tunnels in soft ground, including the unstable saturated soils (quicksand) under hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater up to 0.3 MPa, the mechanized tunnel boring shields allow for the construction of tunnels with waterproof precast concrete lining with the outer diameter of 6m. The special features of the design include the separation of the front side of the shield by the sealed diaphragm. At the same time, the broken breed from the shield’s bottomhole zone is transported be the screw conveyor with the adjustable gate, it is loaded onto a conveyor belt and then into trucks or cars (depending on the version of the complex). The workers are working in an area with normal pressure. To ensure the exit of people in the bottomhole zone with enhance pressure, the shield is equipped with a two-chambered gateway.