Tires utilization equipment

Annually, due to the increasing number of vehicles, there is an urgent need for tire recycling for reuse of raw materials (rubber, metal, textile cord), the improper disposal of which leads to the environmental pollution. Keeping pace with the times and the needs of customers, the company Global Resource offers the innovative equipment for recycling of used tires. The resulting product – rubber powders with different dispersion (100 micron) – can be used, for example, as rubber modifiers and bituminous mixtures, and reused again in manufacturing of the automotive tires, etc.

Processing complex provides the mechanized processing with separation of metal and textile cord from the powder mass  The equipment design can be both all-in-one or module (e.g. to re-supply the production lines of bitumen and rubber products, etc.) depending on the needs of the customer. At relatively low power consumption, comparing to the equipment from other manufacturers, the complex ensures the performance upto 500 kg/h with the possibility of processing tires with a diameter of up to 1300 x 360 mm.