Rolls and mills

The product range of  Global Resource is represented by various rollers, rolls, calenders and other rolling equipment designed for use in the processing industry (for plastics, polymers, wood, etc.) and metal working.

One should note the uniqueness of the solutions developed by company's specialists and, in particular, the possibility of manufacturing the rollers with right – or left drive, with a mechanism to adjust the gap between the rolls, a roll cooling system, an improved construction of booms for bearings' protection, etc. Also, these products can be equipped with additional equipment according to individual customer requirements (feeders, conveyors, etc.). A number of technical findings ensure high performance and rational distribution of the machine components and controls which simplify the maintenance of the equipment. Also, for safety purposes, all machines are equipped with safety devices which can be used in order to adjust the height of  beams according to the operator growth .

Wide range of manufactured rollers can be used at factories which manufacture tires or rubber products. In particular, several types of rubber-processing rollers are available for next function:

• mixing (Sm.) – for the preparation of mixtures of rubber with various ingredients;

• reheating (Pd.) – for improving the ductility and heating the mixtures;

• mixing and reheating (Sm.-Pd.) – for plasticizing rubber mixing it with ingredients and heating the mixture;

• crushing (Dr.) – for crushing scrap rubber during the manufacturing of reclaim, rollers Dr.  800 710/710 for crushing the worn tires with a diameter up to 800 mm with textile cord;

• grinding (Rz.) – for grinding the waste rubber;

• refining (Rf.) – to purify and regenerate the mixtures of solid foreign inclusions.



Rolls and mills Brochure