Other equipment

In addition to the listed wide range of manufactured equipment, Global Resource can offer its services for the development and production of equipment according to the customer requirements. In particular, using the existing experience in the field of extrusion technology, we are able to produce the plants for biofuel production, lines for granulation, lines for production of films, sheets, etc. The proposed innovative equipment contributes to the solution of the environmental problems due to disposal and recycling of waste products.

For example, the line for production of sheets, developed by our specialists, are intended for processing and blending of thermoplastics with wood waste and other fillers and the production of the wood-polymer cladding sheets from these materials. The main raw materials are pellets and waste polyethylene of high and low pressure, polypropylene and fillers – wood sawdust, waste of rice, sugar, flax plants and other organic and inorganic additives. Production line provides a wide range of sheet’ properties with the ability to change the formulation of the composite materials, as well as duplicating sheets films, fabrics, leather and other materials. It should be also noted that the increased performance and high efficiency of the process appears owing to the use of secondary polymers in the form of wood chips, shavings, veneers, etc. The manufactured wood- polymer sheets, as a result, can be successfully used in the construction: for example, as a beautiful and wear resistant lining material.