tunneling drilling-loading machines

Tunneling drilling-loading machines

Along with the tunnel boring complexes, partners of the Global Resource company have designed the tunneling drilling-loading machines (with hydraulic drive) intended for gadding and loading of the shot rock mass into rock trucks or onto the conveyor and is used for executing horizontal and slopping mining , including dangerous mining in gas and dust. Additionally, the tunneling machines can be equipped according to the customer's specifications with the attached implements for placing and diassembling of drift timbering; moreover, the machines may be modified as a rock-cutting machine or loading belt .

Also, a modular approach to the implementation of projects allows to propose a manufacturing of separate control hydraulics for tunneling drilling and loading machines. This equipment includes the control hydraulics with 5- sectional , 6- sectional, 8- sectional hydroblocks, safety valves, hydraulic locks, single- and double sided flow switches and control hydraulic valves .



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