powered support

Powered support

To the nomenclature of equipment for mines, proposed by Global Resource, one should add the powered supports, of both combine and plow types, which ensure the mechanization of  fixing and roof control, and the movement of the downhole equipment. The range includes a number of powered support models with different power of serviced layers (from 0.85 to 3.2 m), different specific resistivity for 1 m2 of the supporting area (from 800 to 4040 kN/m2), various  resistance of the units (from 553 to 5950 kN), etc.

The feature of sections of manufactured powered supports is the use of hard (over 400 HB) stainless steel coatings as the outer surfaces of the rods and, if appropriate, the inner surfaces of the cylinders.



Powered Supports Brochure