Production lines

Based on the existing developments and high-tech extrusion equipment, the company Global Resource offers the equipped production lines for manufacturing of pipes and profiles, films, lines of insulation on cables, etc.

In particular, the lines for the production of pipes are intended for manufacturing of the polyethylene pipes for high or low pressure (LPPE or HPPE), polypropylene (PP) and composite materials based on them. Owing to durability of polymers and full range of diameters, these pipes can be used for the transportation of gas, water and sewage, for heat insulation and protective covers; especially effective is the use of plastic pipes for the construction of large diameter gas distribution networks. Also, plastic pipes highlights a number of advantages in comparison with metal – namely, their low cost and easy installation, long life, resistance to the aggressive media, possibility of recycling, etc. Production efficiency of the proposed lines are confirmed by international and domestic experience. Also, the cost level for laying the pipelines made of polyethylene pipes is reduced by few times.

As for lines of insulation on cables, they are designed for application to current-carrying wires and wire insulation and protective (hose) shells. Global Resource company offers a wide range of automated lines where the technological process of applying and processing isolation is held with a constant movement of cable, and the continuity of the process in lines which produce small cable cross sections is guaranteed by dual-sending and receiving devices with automatic cable flip. Additionally, the synchronization of all devices, control and regulation parameters of the obtained cables is enabled owing to the heat and electrical automation systems; the lines can be operated by 1-2 workers. The “cold” feed extruders are used in lines for applying the rubber insulation which does not require pre-heating of the incoming refining rubber and, therefore, eliminates the need for preheating the rolls. The lines for the simultaneous superposition of two shells are equipped with two extruders, feeding the mixture into a common head; the lines for the production of cables with large cross sections are set with 2 receivers and pay-off stands  as well as storage devices (compensators).

In order to meet the customer requirements, the Global Resource company’s professionals can make any adjustments and modifications to the existing design of the production lines.