The extruders manufactured by Global Resource company has found its extensive application in rubber-technical, agricultural and food industries. In particular, our company has extensive experience in manufacturing extruders for stuffing the production lines for plastic pipes, films, sheets and all kinds of profiles, cables, etc. Also, the manufactured extruders can be used for processing the rubber mixtures or plasticized natural rubber, the  extruder-roller units are designed to refine the finished rubber masterbatches or compounds.

Proposed equipment is dustinguished by a number of technical advantages such as the improved system of  material loading (both with the aid of two pushers and via feed rolls), the possibility of processing of raw materials at different temperatures (from 15 C to 200 C), improved geometry of extruders, modern automation, variable drive of AC or DC types, durable work surfaces and extruder cartridge (nitriding the cartridge and valleys of the extruder, hardfacing on the crests of the extruder). The benefits of the manufactured extruder-roller units include: good mixing (finishing) effect, dimensional stability, high surface quality and its low temperature at the outlet of the unit; relatively small area occupied by the unit, reducing the number of operating attendants compared with stand-alone machines as well as improved performance of compounding lines.



Extruders Brochure