Blow machines

The blow machines produced by Global Resource are designed for manufacturing the hollow articles (bottles, cans, barrels, technical and personal containers, different packaging units, etc.) by the blowing method. As a raw material one can use both high or low pressure polyethylene and the composite polymer material loaded into the unit in the form of granules, or crushed wastes.

All units are equipped with hydraulic actuators of single station molding devices, and have a vertical or horizontal position of the extruder. In addition, depending on customer needs, they can be fitted with both single- and double-strand interchangeable heads. It should be noted that the presence of the double-strand  head enables simultaneous production of two products.

Automation units allow a single operator to serve several units of such equipment. Also, the machines are equipped with:

  • mechanized system for loading of pellets with their preliminary drying;
  • a device for adjusting the thickness of the resulting pre-form;
  • the automatic removal of the product from the molding area;
  • closed water-cooling system of molds with the possibility of the refrigeration system.



Blow Machines Brochure