Research and development

The highly qualified personnel are the foundation of the Global Resource. A thorough approach to each project, the use of research potential and the extensive scientific expertise allow to organize the work in accordance with the current trends in the engineering world. The complex of activities for the non-trivial task involves several stages: the formalization of technical specifications and providing the effective communication between the client and designers; a thorough analysis of the problem and identification of the possible ways of its implementation; a choice of the optimal solution based on a comparative analysis; a control of the physical implementation of the project and proper quality control of the realized project. One should note the company's ability to manufacture the large-size products, including casting and machining of the high-capacity (bulky) parts (up to 60 tons), the unique methods of heat treatment and the appropriate level of quality control (temperature control , material hardness (Brinnel/Rockwell/Vickers), the determination of the grain structure and mechanical material properties).Moreover, the scientific and technological potential of the company's employees is reflected in numerous scientific articles, patents and projects (achievements) (more than 100).